Tuesday 3 January 2017


During the month of December I took part in the #bookxmas challenge. It was suggested by 
I had to take a photo of books every day day according to a theme.
December 1
Christmas book wish list
 December 2
Books about winter
December 3
Holiday Drink
December 4
Naughty and nice
 December 5
Red and Green
 December 6
Christmas song
December 7
Warm and cozy
December 8
Christmas movies
December 9
All I want for Christmas
 December 10
Favourite Xmas tradition
December 11
Bookish Christmas tree
December 12
Favourite Xmas gift
December 13
Xmas in the city
December 14
Christmas lights
December 15 Favourite ornament
December 16
Xmas jumper or clothes
December 17
Xmas toy
December 18 Xmas stocking
 December 19
Xmas tree
December 20
Books about Xmas
 December 21
Wrapping presents
 Day 22
Christmas candy and dessert
December 23
Santa Claus
 December 24
Xmas Eve
December 25
On the Xmas table
December 26
White Xmas
December 27
Best book I read in 2016
December 28
Books I got as Xmas gifts
December 29
Goodbye 2016
December30 New Year's Resolutions
 December 31
Hello 2017


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh, I looked forward to this post! You know I love books...maybe as much as you do! And it was fun spending time looking at the photos of the holidays in your last post. You've had a busy December! Happy new year sweet friend. Wishes for a blessed year ahead! Hugs, Diane

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm not sure my last comment went through. I want to wish you a blessed year ahead! I love the books you've shown and enjoyed the last post with all of your December activities. Fun to see pics of you and what you've been busy doing. What a special lady you are and a good friend. Sweet hugs, Diane

Barb said...

You have so many wonderful books in your collection, both children's and adult's. My DD and I loved Tove Jansson's Summer Book, I will be looking for the Winter Book.

jocondine said...

Love that challenge! Love books and photos, great post, thanks for sharing! Bonne année 2017, Meilleurs Voeux. Amicalement. xxx

Bea said...

That's a lot of books, but a great idea. Well done with the groupings and the extras you added to dress them up.

Ο κόσμος της Ράνιας said...

Πολύ ωραία πρόκληση για όσους αγαπούν το διάβασμα !!
Καλή χρονιά !!!!!

Χριστίνα Πεταλωτή said...

Πραγματικά είσαι η χαρά του βιβλιοπώλη! Στη δανειστική μας βιβλιοθήκη στο χωριό έχουμε μία γιαγιούλα 94 ετών που διαβάζει ασταμάτητα και χωρίς γυαλιά παρακαλώ!