Thursday, 17 March 2016

Beautiful mosaics.

A week ago I went to a mosaic exhibition which was amazing and I want to share it with you before it finishes and maybe some of my local friends can go and visit it.
The exhibition was dedicated to patients with Alzheimer disease.
There are 23 artists who exhibit their mosaic works. I adored them.
This was my favourite piece.

This is huge!

I loved her eyes!Looking through me!

There were some pottery pieces too like these by Christine Willis.

And others too.
The mosaics were exceptional.

This exhibition hid a surprise for me! After 33 years (since I finished High School) I met my History Teacher Mr Nikos Bendilas and his wife Maria. He has retired from teaching and he is an accomplished mosaic artist now.
Here is some of his work! Mosaics ...

and engraving on old pieces of pottery.

He even gave me one as a gift! Thank you so much!
I was so happy to meet him again. In fact we had met on facebook 6 months ago so this is one of the good things facebook can do!
I have attended more art exhibitions so I will be telling you about them as soon as I can.


Marie-Anne said...

A very interesting exhibition, Ariadne!! Thanks for sharing your photos!!!
I liked your teacher's works very much!!! Enjoy your precious present!!!

Kaisievic said...

What an amazing exhibition, thank you so much for sharing. I think that my favourite is the tiger.

Ο κόσμος της Ράνιας said...

Τι καταπληκτικά έργα που είναι όλα !!!! Δεν ξέρει κανείς πιο να πρωτοθαυμάσει και βέβαια από τα ωραία του ΦΒ οι συναντήσεις με ανθρώπους που έχουμε να τους δούμε χρόνια !!!! Ευχαριστήθηκα αυτή την ανάρτηση πάρα πολύ !!!! Να είσαι καλά !!! Τα φιλιά μου !!!!

butterfly said...

Wow what wonderful work.

Unknown said...

They are all lovely, great artistic work!

zina said...

μα τι εκπληκτικα εργα! υπεροχα!

Mii Stitch said...

What fantastic creations, they all look so nice!

nikol said...

Αν έμενα Θεσσαλονίκη σίγουρα θα πήγαινα γιατί αγαπώ πολύ την τέχνη του μωσαικού !! Είναι όλα καταπληκτικά μα κυρίως η συνάντηση με τον καθηγητή σου πολύ σπουδαία!! Το δώρο σου όμορφο πολύ και να το χαρείς!!
Διάβασα σε σχόλιο για την οικογένεια που φιλοξενείτε και με συγκίνησες Αριάδνη !!!
Σε φιλώ

KimM said...

What an incredible exhibit! And meeting your history teacher who is now creating such stunning works of art - you are a lucky lady.

Ρένα Χριστοδούλου said...

Υπέροχη τέχνη το ψηφιδωτό.
Ευτυχώς προλαβαινω να τη δω .
Κρίμα που δεν πήρα είδηση τα εγκαίνια εγκαίρως.
Όταν γινεσαι γιαγιά δεν τα προλαβαινεις όλα.
Ευχαριστουμε για την ενημέρωση Αριάδνη μου.
Φιλακια πολλά.

Kirsty Vittetoe said...


Alexa T said...

Wonderful artistic work! Many thanks for sharing with us!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

This was a beautiful exhibition.

julochka said...

these are so beautiful! thank you for sharing them. i especially love the two in the oblong grey frames - they just jumped out at me. so beautiful!!