Friday, 19 October 2012

Thalasseaglass-my etsy shop!

Tah-dah!  Music!  
Yes it is true! After too much thought and too long waiting and postponing I opened an etsy shop!
Its name is thalasseaglass
I explain thalassi in Greek means the colour of the sea and I wanted to play with the ending and combine thalassi and sea so it became thalassea.
Unfortunately this shop name was not availiable on etsy so I added the main thing that I will probably sell and that 's seaglass so all together thalasseaglass.
You can find the link to my shop on the column on the right.
I will be selling my sea glass handpicked from our summer house beach or other Greek beaches, sea tiles, sea pottery, sea bricks, sea shells, driftwood and whatever the sea is generous enough to give me as presents every time I visit it.
These items will be under the supplies category.
Also I will be selling stamps, vintage and newer, postcards, vintage and newer, all from the collection I started along with my father as a kid and continued after his death fourteen years ago. These can be used as collections, as well as in scrapbooking, mail art and wherever you like. These also will be under supplies and under vintage categories depending on how old they are.
Little by little I will be adding phonecards for collectors or scrapbooking, cross stitched pieces by me, and cross stitch supplies.
Well I won't say more. For the time being there are only eight items there which you can also see here.
I hope you will pay a visit and tell me what you think.
I was never the seller, although my dad had a haberdashery store. I was always the giver like my mum giving away for free my furniture, clothes, books, everything.
But life changes and so have I.
The financial situation in my country has driven me towards selling some of the things I have collected with love. And with love I will be selling them.
I will not hurry and will not add too many items at the same time as I will be unable to pay etsy if things don't sell. I will go a step at a time and we will see. I have a full time job anyway which I love so this will be something for my free time.
Thank you for having a look at my shop and hope you will tell your friends and readers if you have a blog.
Here are my first eight items. Any advice on anything on my etsy page will be most welcome in the comment section here or on my etsy mail or private e-mail.
Each title over the photos is a link directly to the shop item.
 Greek SEA TILE heartshaped
 Six SEA BRICK pieces from Greece.
 flower SEA TILE from Greece
 Five SEA PORCELAIN pieces from Greece.
 Five SHELLS from Greece
 Big red SEA TILE from Greece
 Twenty vintage postage stamps
Thank you every one!


beachcomber said...

congratulations on the opening of your etsy shop ariadne! i especially love the pottery and tile pieces you find on your beaches.

butterfly said...

All the best with your etsy shop, hugs.

Unknown said...

Good Luck, Ariadne, with your new venture!

Unknown said...

Good Luck, Ariadne, in your new adventure!

Lisa said...

Good Luck to you. I know each piece was picked with love and care.

Anonymous said...

good luck with "thalasseaglass"
i loved the combination of the two words!
so have a good start in the etsy world ariadne! ;)

prpltrtl946 said...

Congratulations and best wishes!! 8*)