Wednesday, 29 August 2012

In the middle of July.

More summer photos.
I loved sitting early in the morning outside drinking my coffee and reading my book.
I loved seeing the dew drops on the grass and feeling them with my bare feet.

 That's my little coffee table outside. I cleaned it up a bit as it got stains from the weather. I made it with collected sea tiles.

 My reading those days. The Coral Island by R. M. Ballantyne. I had read it before and loved it once again.
 Little by little my chairs were ready. Hubby painted them off white. I had the fabric bought from IKEA and had it sewn. Unfortunately the colour faded too quickly.

Dream a little finished.
 I hang IKEA lanterns from the tree over my chairs.
 Hubby made a new shadow puppet figure.
 There is my afternoon corner.
 Enjoying myself.
 A bit of redecorating.
 Listening to great music and arranging my threads for my next cross stitch project.
 A sea glass festival poster sent to me by a sea glass friend found its place too.
 And another gift from my dear friend Gia.
 And I started stitching a cardinal on that day!

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