Thursday 31 March 2011

Crafting for courage(1)

I had told you about some blog friends who organised a sale with all the profits going to help Japan.
I couldn't resist buying some of the things that were sold on the sale so that I can somehow in my very small way help Japanese people as well.
Today the first of my three purchases arrived.It is a lovely pincushion from Sonia in Cozy Memories who added  a lovely coaster in the parcel as this was her 200th sale and also some cross stitch ribbon to get me inspired to stitch some more.
Thank you dear Sonia!


Anonymous said...


Margie Oomen said...

what a really fantastic parcel from out dear friend sonia

Anonymous said...

oh, Ariadne, you are so welcome !!
I have other cross stitch materials that I don't use anymore
I'll send them in another parcel
thank YOU for being such an amazing support

Seamaiden said...

These are really beautiful, Ariadne!