Tuesday 8 February 2011

A budding artist?

Yesterday I had  a rare chance to ride on a motorcycle that our friend Tasos was riding.We met by chance and he offered to take me home. I wouldn't normally do such  a thing but I trust him.So I had a lovely ride for about a quarter of an hour. The weather was great so I didn't feel any cold. I hadn't done that for years!In fact I have only ridden on a motorcycle about three times in my whole life.Pictured is my son's toy motorbike.
 The weather has kept beautiful today as well and the children at school were really happy that we allowed them to spend some time outside to play on the green grass. The views of the snowscaped Olympus was magical!
 Coming back home three parcels were waiting for me!But about the parcels and their contents I will talk to you tomorrow.
 Today I would like to show you my results of my first online sketching lesson with Alisa Burke. Alisa is a really talented artist who paints but also makes all kinds of beautiful mixed media art,sewing,jewelry,even cooking.Whatever she deals with she does it beautifully!I have been following her blog for a year now.
So I have admired many a time her beautiful sketchbooks and therefore I enrolled on her online sketchbook course that will last for five weeks.So far we have been introduced into the tools we need to sketch and I am happy to share my results with you!I always loved drawing but never thought I could do it!
Here you can see the coloured pens of one of my students.
I personally did not buy anything for the course yet. I am trying to use all kinds of things I have had at home,pens,pencils and watercolours.
 So here is what I sketched today.It is supposed to be the same shell....but well it is only the beginning so you can see that depending on the tool I used the shell looks different.
My watercolours.
 My favourite result,the watercolours.
 Not so good this one.
 And some more.


Unknown said...

Noticed that you got your badge on,good!

Margie Oomen said...

i like number two so much

Marabeth said...

Who knew........a budding artist!! Looking forward to seeing your progression.