Thursday 10 February 2011

Up...up...and away!

Tuesday evening we decided to watch a movie the three of us and what most cozy and enjoyable rather than a children's cartoon? So we watched Up. I loved it. At some point at the beginning the story had a five minute no word scene which shows the whole life of the hero! I loved those five minutes and if you want to see it you can go here.A great film for all the family and really very colourful!The hero reminds me of a Greek journalist Zachos Chatzifotiou ! He looked exactly like the protagonist of the movie!

Carl Fredriksen Totally Looks Like Zachos Chatzifotiou

On the same day I got my son's grades from school. That is not the best time for a mum of a teenager who doesn't really like studying!Anyway....I am happy that all teachers told me that he is a good boy,clever,kind and with a sense of humour. I just hope these features will find him a job one day.
After that I attended a two-hour seminar about Safety on the Internet at my old school.The 9th of February is Safe Internet Day.I think all parents should attend such seminars and try help their children and protect them from the really bad even dangerous liaisons and aftermaths of surfing the net!
In my previous post I said that I had received three parcels. So here I am going to try to show you what was in the first one of them.I will post about the other two parcels later at the weekend because I want to give each parcel the appreciation it deserves.
So the first parcel was from LAMA.It is a firm that promotes Latin American artists and their art.So I purchased from them two lovely prints by my favourite painter artist Geninne Zlatkis. You can also purchase her prints from her etsy shop. I got those two with a better price and they are exclusive for LAMA.They are having a sale.I also got from them two little felted birds by Tanya Aguiñiga. I didn't know this artist but loved her felt birds.

 Today I noticed at school the first signs of spring on the almond tree!Too early,too beautiful!


Laura said...

The felt birds are beautiful. Gennine is one of my favorite artists too! I see your posts often on her blog. I noticed we follow many of the same blogs! And now I have 10 followers thanks to you! By the way I am Greek too, you'd never know it by my last name though.

Anonymous said...

hello Ariadne
oh these are two gorgeous prints by Geninne, I didn't know she was selling her prints elsewhere ! These ones are really special !
I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead ! xoxo