Sunday 27 February 2011

Films for teachers and little cottages.

This weekend was filled with movies.
Last night we watched True Grit and it was very good. Jeff Bridges was exceptional.I really don't know if he or my dear Colin Firth of the King's Speech should get the Oscar Award.Also exceptional was the 15 year-old Hailee Steinfeld.
On Saturday and Sunday morning we had breakfast and coffee in bed watching two films unknown to most people and quite old but both had a school and a teacher as their main theme.I recommend them both.
First yesterday we watched  The Jar (Khomreh), a 1994 Iranian movie which shows the story of a teacher in whose school the jar from which the students drink water breaks and how they try to fix it.
Today we watched L'ecole Buissonniere, a 1949 French film of the story of a teacher who after the war goes to work in a small village in Provence and works with his own modern methods for the times of experimenting and hands on experiences.It is the true story of the teacher Celestin Freinet of 1920.
The rest of the weekend included some reading (I at last finished The island and I think the Greek TV series is much better than the book), some cross stitch ( I started making some Easter cards and little gifts) and some painting.
I also got some older cross stitch pieces from my framers and here they are on my wall.
The three on the top row were gradually sent to me by my friend Cathy from England and they were supposed to be finished as fridge magnets.The three on the second row were freebies from cross stitch magazines.I decided to frame them all in the same style so they can be put all together on the wall.
A miniature freebie.
 A village scene by Jane Greenoff's Inglestone collection.
Another miniature freebie.
 Trent cottage.DMC
 Mill cottageDMC
Unfortunately I don't remember this one.


Unknown said...

Beautiful little frames, I don't have enough time, would love to do as much...It seems you have more hours in your day than mine, lol!!

Ariadne said...

These were made during the last two years. I just kept them not knowing what to do with them.It was high time I framed them.And I love the result.

Anonymous said...

that would have been a pity not to show these lovely artworks !
let's stop procrastinating ! :D

Margie Oomen said...

i really love your drawings so much