Monday 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

We don't really celebrate Valentine's Day with hubbie!How convenient for him!LOL!
I finished stitching a card for Valentine's Day only yesterday evening and it is going to a dear friend!Late of course!
 Although today the sun wasn't shining I noticed that the almond tree in my school had more flowers. I decided to take pictures of it every week to see the difference.
 Inspite the fact that we didn't exchange any gifts I received two lovely birthday gifts today. Funny they both arrived today and both are from two dear old pen friends. More about them tomorrow!
Last night we watched The King's Speech.It was a good film but I wouldn't say exceptional and I am the one who adores British movies. Colin Firth who happens to be my favourite British actor ever since I watched Pride and Predudice was very good and so was Geoffrey Rush. I was glad to get the impression from the story of the film that what matters for a "good" teacher is not credentials and a collection of certificates but the personality of the teacher!(Teachers in Greece should have that in mind!) The film got many of the BAFTA awards.


Margie Oomen said...

i love your stitching and it really shines with that beautiful sea glass nearby
Colin firth is my one and only actor crush but psst don't tell edgar:)

Θέμης said...

We don't really celebrate Valentine's Day with hubbie!How convenient for him!LOL!

Yes! But i love you all the year! Many years! No only Valentine's day! (Who is him?)

Anonymous said...

This film was broadcast last night. It's quite old (2000), but you might find it enjoyable. There are ten parts on YouTube, if it's not blocked where you are. Something to do with Valentine, called Born Romantic. There are some old stones in it too, in a museum.

Anonymous said...

Here's the link,

Marabeth said...

How wonderful to see the flowering trees. There is hope that spring is around the corner but I think it will come around your corner way before mine. So I will enjoy watching your tree come alive with new growth. Lovely Valentine heart! Someone will be so pleased :)

Anonymous said...

some trees have started blossoming here too
though I don't want to say that winter is over already
it can get colder in April sometimes, than in February, as silly as it may sound