Friday 11 February 2011

Marabeth's parcel and my first giveaway.

Marabeth always sends me the best of gifts and she surprised me once again with a birthday gift. Well it wasn't totally a surprise because she told me to expect the parcel. But again I wasn't prepared for so many beautiful things!Thank you my dear friend.
So there goes what was inside the parcel.As you can see there were lots of different things. I loved the sticker labels with my name and sea glass which I will be using on my letters.The little reading lamp is very useful too so that hubbie is not annoyed when I do late reading in bed!
Marabeth always sends me old Xmas cards to reuse with my students on Xmas craft projects and she looks out for me for crossstitch kits in reduced prices as they don't exist here in Greece and if I want to buy some I have to pay them expensively online.
 She sent me this lovely pair of turtle earrings to match my pendant.
 Bytheway the turtles at school doubled recently as well.Aren't they sweet?
 She sent me a set of coasters that have this lovely design on them that looks very New England as she told me.
 Marabeth always wraps her parcels in lovely colourful papers like this one.
 And makes such a neat parcel with everything put in place well wrapped!
 As she knows what a sweet tooth I am she sent those little heart shaped candy and some good dark chocolate(my favourite)!
 She included this very special art piece. This is an original Huichol Bead Art piece. The Huichol are a tribe of Indians believed to have descended from the Aztecs. They live near Guadalajara,Mexico and express themselves for amusement and for trade with these amazing pieces of work.You can read mor about them and see their art here and here.
 The beads are tiny and very colourful.
 Last but not least she sent me three crossstitched loops with the design of the pineapple and the word welcome on them.The pineapple is the symbol of hospitality from the days of Christopher Columbus.
 Since I have my own which she had sent me in her previous parcel and after sharing the idea with her which delighted her I decided to share these three with you as my first giveaway. So if you leave a comment on this post only till Monday the 14th I will pick three lucky winners who will give a home to one of these lovely pieces each.
Thank you Marabeth for a lovely parcel and the chance to have my first giveaway!


Unknown said...

Your gifts from Marabeth are all nice, I love the earrings!

Petites xxx et Cie said...

You're a lucky girl, your friend is so sweet!
I learn something today, that the pineapple was the symbol of hospitality from the days of Christopher Columbus. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

The chocolate may be Lady Godiva!

Marabeth said...

Such a nice entry showcasing all the "goodies" you received in the mail.
@'re right...the packaged name of these chocolates is Godiva's Chocolate.

Dream on the wave said...

You are very lucky with such a lovely and generous friend! I have heard of Godiva's chocolate (I am a chocolat addict) but have never tried it. Is it as good as they say?

Ariadne said...

Lisa Williams February 12, 2011 at 7:21pm
Subject: Hello
Just wanted to say I read your blog everyday and love it, especially your pictures. I do not know why I can not see the comments I leave for you. Please include me in your give away. How exciting!!!
This came on facebook.

Ariadne said...

@ Dream on the wave
Yes it is really good!