Thursday 17 February 2011

Vinyl stickers and a precious scarf!

30 followers!Wow!I am honoured!I am also very happy that the majority of these people are people I already know,personally as pen friends or blog friends or sea glass site friends!That's so sweet to know that there are people who read me and appreciate what I say and most of all I feel that I am sharing my life with all of you and make you smile from time to time!
Thank you all for taking the time to comment on my blog posts! I haven't really found a way to answer each comment so if I don't please do not think that I don't read thm!
Today I did some interior decorating!
I wish I could make my own vinyl stickers for my walls like Geninne did in her blogpost Bird Decals on her windows but I can't so I chose the easy solution of buying some cheap vinyl ready made wall stickers. They are an excellent choice to decorate one's furniture,windows,walls and mirrors. I have used them in the past.Here are some photos of the ones I already had on my furniture and some of the new ones I put today.I brought some spring in my bedroom just when the weather forecast announced dangerous phenomena for tomorrow and Saturday!I hope they don't include thunder and lightning as I am scared of them so much!
 My son's chest of drawers and wardrobe with some leaves and birds stickers.
 This is my chest of drawers. I had these stickers on the wall above but emptid the space for some future framed art.
 And this is the new sticker of cherry tree blossoms and birds.I should take a better picture to show the real colours of that by sunshine.
Some time ago in November I had taken part in a giveaway by Sarah on her very interesting blog Quince and Quire and I won this lovely handmade silk scarf!It arrived today and it is precious and very very beautiful!Thank you Sarah!Her package was so beautifully wrapped in matching colours and ribbon.

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Unknown said...

Found a few minutes to read your blog, your stickers are nice and put Spring and colours to your home.
And bravo, 30 followers, happy for you:)))