Tuesday 15 February 2011

Seaworld chess set!

This was a very surprising gift from my friends in Scotland.It was one of the three parcels that had arrived a week ago and I am sharing with you one by one. My friends were so very kind to send me this lovely box which they painted themselves and which included a fantastic chess set in green and yellow. I loved it and although my son and I haven't played chess for a long time this set wetted my appetite to do so.I have put the pawns on my living-room table as a decoration for the time being and now have to find a proper chess board to put these on as the one I already have is rather small for them!
I loved the different pawns-characters of the chess.
The soldiers/pawns are dolphins and the officers/bishops are octopuses.The towers/rooks are rocks and the knights are sea horses,my favourite of all the designs.
The Queen is a mermaid and the King is an underwater God, I could say Poseidon or Nereus or even Ophion .
 The creature on the box cover is a sea world Goddess from Scotland.My friends explained that they painted it from a Pictish stone carving of a sea Goddess that they have seen in Meigle,Scotland and these stones are from the 8th century. I had never heard about them and it was interesting to read about them here and here.
Thank you dear friends,I hope we will manage to meet soon!
 I couldn't help not to show you the lovely stamps on the parcel!


Lisa said...

Beautiful chess set. You really get the best packages.

Marabeth said...

Such a generous gift for a special person! Fun stamps too :)

Unknown said...

This is a very nice gift, and I love the stamps too!

Margie Oomen said...

love that seahorse

Ariadne said...

Thank you all for the comments!

Anonymous said...

what an amazing gift indeed !
I love British stamps, they're always so much cooler than our French ones ;-)

Seamaiden said...

Oh my goodness, what a gift! Love that awesome chess set, Ari!!