Tuesday 18 January 2011

Poppytalk Winter Colours-Tuesday White

My camera failed me the moment I was going to take pics of yesterday's parcels which were lovely and I only managed to open them late at night. I managed to take pics of a lovely pin pillow I bought from my dear Sonia in Cozy memories and which arrived today. It is made with jean and lace. Lovely!
Today the colour is white for Poppytalk's Winter Colours 2011. Here are my photos.
A flower at the school garden.
 The brand new statue of Constantine Karamanlis on our seafront.I wonder how long it will keep this white. 
 The landmark of my city the White Tower.(Ok I know it doesn't look very white but that's its name!)
 A detail from a cut glass milk glass dish sent to me by my friend Marabeth(filled with chocolate!)
 Flour and milk and I am getting ready to make muffins. Again Marabeth taught me how to make muffins and I have been making all kinds all the time.
 A little feather on my plant in the balcony.
 The sun shining through my tsipouro glass. Tsipouro is a typical strong spirit of Greece which becomes white when water is added to it.
 Shadows on my dish waiting to have some food along with the tsipouro.
 A crocheted snowflake from Prague.
 A storebought crocheted dove.
I am sorry if some photos have already appeared here before but I tried to post only photos of 2011.


Petites xxx et Cie said...

wow, the crocheted snowflake and dove are wonderful ! love them.

Ariadne said...

Unfortunately I didn't make them!

Margie Oomen said...

your winter whites are really lovely

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

very pretty whites, Ariadne
I love the milk glass best, how gorgeous !
thank you so much for the mention, that is so sweet of you
(and for the feedback too) *Ü*

Ariadne said...

You are very welcome Sonia! I am glad you like them Margie,yours were amazing too!