Sunday 20 February 2011

Old toys and dinos.

Today we spent another lovely half day trip at a new museum on the suburbs.It is the Dinosaur Park and Mammoth Museum as well as the Museum of traditional toys and games.
The trip was organised by the Cultural Section of the Primary Teachers' Association for educators to get to know this new museum and take their students there and it was free of charge. The weather was great,too, so we had fun.
First we were welcomed by tables filled with coffee,juice and snacks which we really enjoyed.
 After that we were taken to the Traditional toys and games museum. It is a very new and simple  museum where we were shown toys that come from the ancient Greece era to this day and are not played any more unfortunately.
 There were various pottery reproductions of old toys.
 The Shadow Puppet theatre is always present of course.
 Toys made of pottery discs and ribbon.
 Kotsia made of lamb bones.
 Old type of weaving.
 Plaggones are old pottery dolls.
 Helidona(swallow toy) and gaitanaki.
 Various types of boats.
 Then we tried our hands on making a couple of old type toys like cloth dolls and little boats with nails and yarn.
 I loved this wire cage with pottery birds in it.
 Collected materials to use with the children.
 Masks made with paper or papier mache.
 Masks and dolls made of clay.
 A picture made of paper boats.
 Acorn wreath made of metal.
 Then we played some old traditional games on the grass.
 We were then taken on a guided tour to the dino park,the Homo Sapiens cave and the
mammoth museum.There weren't mammoths in Greece but there were mastodons . We saw all kinds of dinos and animals that lived in our area thousands of years ago and of course vanished.
 These are urchin fossils.
 Tyranosaurus Rex.
 Huge dinos.
 One even tried to eat me up!
 Huge crocodile that could even eat a dino when trying to drink water from the pond.
 We could hear the roaring sounds of dinos all along the guided tour.
 The mammoth.
 The mastodon.
 Mammoth hair from Siberia where mammoth bones are fished from the bottom of the sea.
 I was impressed by this beautiful tree.


Dream on the wave said...

Nice museum, I will try to visit with my son the next time I am in Thessaloniki

Marabeth said...

What a wonderful place to bring children especially with the interactive elements of creating the toys. Glad you didn't become someone's dinner!