Friday 25 February 2011

Happy birthday Johanna!

Today it is my friend Johanna's birthday. She lives in Finland and she is one of my first pen friends. We still are in touch and have met each other both in Finland and in Greece. She sent me a birthday gift which arrived on Valentine's day. Here is her gift to me. It is a pair of earrings that is based on the traditional designs of the Saame people of Lapland.It is Kalevala jewelry
 And I am also adding some photos from our meetings both in Finland in 2007 and in Greece in 2009.
 The Turku cathedral.
 Johanna and me with our Finn caps.
 The post office in Santa's Village in Rovaniemi,Lapland.
 Our boys in Ranua Zoo.
 Overlooking the Finn lakes.
 In Athens looking at the Acropolis.
 On the Acropolis.
 In Chalkidiki in Afytos beach.
 Staphylos beach on Skopelos island.
 Saint John's on Skopelos island where Mama Mia the movie was filmed.
Skopelos island.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to your friend!
Beautiful photos!

Seamaiden said...

Oh Ariadne, what a delicious collection of photos! You and Johanna are both so beautiful, as are the places you live. :)

Anonymous said...

seconding everything that has been said above ! :D

Margie Oomen said...

isn't it wonderful when you meet you pen pals for real