Friday 18 February 2011

The smile of the Gioconda.

It is raining heavily and it is said that we should expect the worse tonight but it is cozy and warm inside.
 I spent the afternoon doing a miscellaneous pack of things. I studied,I did some homework,I prepared my next cross stitch project and I painted. That last one didn't end up well so no pics definitely.As for the two little cross stitch cards I finished last night again I will post photos when they will be received.
Fot the time being I will leave you with a fantastic video I was sent by Tasos,a friend from the Drama Club.
It shows the Orchestra of Colours playing "The smile of the Gioconda" by Manos Hatzidakis on Santorini island which is my favourite island on the last sunset of the 20th century!Enjoy it and have a great weekend!
Sunset at my summer house!


Unknown said...

Beautiful sunset!

Marabeth said...

This is an exquisite setting sun behind the mountains. Hope you enlarge and frame this one!!