Friday 4 February 2011

Shadow and light.

At last we have lights in the living room!
Our living room needed two light fixtures. We had one. For years....We also had a lamp and a floor lamp so we were satisfied and thought we would buy some lights when the time comes. IKEA came to our rescue again. These lamps were so cheap 9 euros each so we managed to take two so to have two lamps of the same design in the living room. I wouldn't call them chandeliers!But I plan to hang some beautiful stuff in their middles!Hubbie, the house electrician put them up.The glass is lovely and white and the whole living room is brighter than ever.
 Daylight!And nightlight!
 Hubbie's hobby is Greek shadow puppet theatre and he does not miss a chance to share his talent. He offered a performance at our friend's school Koperti and then we did a shadow puppet figure workshop for little children and their mums/dads to make the figures. It was fun.I was there of course to assist and take photos. I love our friend Tasos' school. There are so many beautiful things to take photos of!
They change the outside decoration every season.
 I played with my shadow and the kites too!
 The performance is beginning!Karaghiozis on the screen.
 The shadow puppeteer on his act.
 Hatziavatis and Karaghiozis.
 Kopritis,Karaghiozis' son is chasing a chicken!
 Shadow puppet figure making after the performance. Our little friend Dimitris adores Karaghiozis and he also plays himself.
 Hubbie,Dimitris,and Alexandra painting together.
 Karaghiozis' figure.
 Young lady figure.
 I love all the colourful toys scattered on the school floor.
 The end of the performance.Lights out!
 Today at school my third graders showed me their new pet. Their previous turtle died and here there was a new one offered by a mum of the class.Isn't she a beauty?They even added a little friend to her.
Last pic is something new.I will tell you more about it later.


Unknown said...

Haha!! Someone is going to start drawing and aquarelle!!

Ariadne said...

Right Brigitte!

Unknown said...

Good, waiting to see your art work!

Margie Oomen said...

what a fantastic hobby