Thursday 24 February 2011


This is probably a Greek custom only.
Annually on this Thursday people eat meat and get dressed for carnival.
It is ten days before Clean Monday when Lent begins and fasting for Easter.
Tsiknopempti means Thursday with tsikna which is the smell of grilled meat.
We were not really in the mood to get dressed and have fun so we simply had some meat brought at home and the men (hubbie,son,brother) watched Manchester City-Aris Salonica. We are already losing with 3-0 but well ok we are still fighters.
Here is what we ate.
 Tzatziki and pita.
 I at the same time finished a beautiful sea themed frame which will be a gift,so no photos till it is delivered.
Here I would like to show you the two little parcels that arrived yesterday from faraway Canada and New Zealand.They are a je t'aime tea towel by Arounna and a lovely needlebook by Melissa of Tiny Happy.
 New Zealand is suffering from that awful earthquake of the day before yesterday. Christchuch suffered the most with a great toll of deaths. I am very sensitive on this subject because when I was only 12 years old back in 1978 my city Thessaloniki was hit by an awful 6.5 Richter scale earthquake that caused the death of 45 people and a lot of destruction.It is a memory I cannot ever take out of my mind.
I will close with a hopeful photo of my son reading a literature book. He doesn't usually do that so I was happy to see him read something at last.


Unknown said...

Ariadne,I will try and catch up with your news! Our thoughts ae with these poor people in New Zealand...
And I wish my son would also take his french litterature more seriously as he has his French "baccalaureat" exams in June!

Anonymous said...

I had heard about the earthquake, how awful :( Sorry you had lived one yourself (the year I was born, btw)
I see we share some more similar taste, I have also the same teatowel ;-)