Wednesday 2 February 2011

Spotting beauty in every corner.

I think this is my new motto for 2011.It worked for me in January so I will continue with it and hope it will work for me all year long.
I hope you all have  a wonderful February which entered so fast and abruptly yesterday that I couldn't even notice him coming!
So today I spotted this little red heart upsidedown in my students' artwork.They made these beautiful trees with their teacher.Some are made with little pieces of torn pages from magazines and some are painted with crayons.

 While teaching I looked out of the window.Isn't it beautiful on this corner too?And I spotted this little fellow trying to escape.

Let's say it was lamp day today. We needed some lamps for the living room.We bought two beautiful ones at a bargain price from my favourite home store IKEA. Hopefully hubbie will put them up tomorrow.He is the electrician in this house.
We couldn't pass this wonderful bargain too for a floor lamp which was only 2 euros (without the shade).I needed something colourful and to bring spring inside so I chose the colourful lampshade instead of a simple white one.And it matches my wall colours. It looks wonderful in the bedroom corner.
The driftwood art on the wall is by Valorie Wigen, a fellow sea glasser.


Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

it should be everyone's duty to find beauty in everything
or at least that's what I think. In our modern world, it doesn't come very naturally, but with a wee bit of practise, it becomes as natural & instinctive as breathing. Way to go to you for understanding this :)

Ariadne said...

Thank you Sonia for your kind and meaningful words.

Unknown said...

I only read your blog today, as yesterday, my February did not start so well, will give you more details...

Ariadne said...

Send me an e-mail Brigitte!

Marabeth said...

The colorful creations of the chldren's art must have inspired you when choosing your shade. Both the torn paper trees and your new shade are reflective of autumn in New England.