Thursday, 29 January 2015

There were good November!

I was a birthday girl yesterday and I spent a huge part of the day answering e-mails, the mobile, the phone, facebook mail and it was such great fun! I answered more than 200 messages! Thank you everyone, family, relatives and friends, colleagues and pupils,old and new, classmates and pen pals, facebook friends, sea glassers and bloggers, crafty workshop friends and etsy greek street team friends,drama club friends and campers, beach friends and practice students, and so on and so forth!
It was magical to see so many people taking the time to write a message public or private. Thank you!
And as there were other things to do yesterday, more important than celebrating my birthday, we didn't celebrate it! But still I enjoyed it because of all the people who communicated with me in one way or another.
Now as I am very much behind with my blogging I will show you things we did in November!Right it's almost February!Wow! How time flies!
So in November...
we watched one more Broadway musical  Beauty and The Beast (like we had watched The Cats last year). It was rather expensive but comparing it to the American prices of theatrical performances I realised it was a good price to pay to see a Broadway musical in my own city! And it was a very good performance too!

...we were invited by our friend who owns Koperti Kindergarten School to meet Bikos whom he adopted from Stray Dogs Thessaloniki, where we adopted Barca from! Isn't he sweet?

 And he lives in such a beautiful colourful environment!

...we had a shadow puppet performance in the same school with lots of assistants.

 ...we visited an exhibition at the Museum of Byzantine Culture about Ancient Philippi.

 And finally we celebrated hubby's 60th birthday at Penindaraki restaurant! It was great!
 My Godson even played bouzouki!
 And Bill the chef did his best to make us happy!

November was a great month after all! There are more blogposts to come though!

Monday, 26 January 2015

A week of CHANGE!

Although according to the Grow Your Blog instructions I shouldn't blog for a week or two so that the Grow Your Blog post comes first for people to get to know me and my blog the events around me do not allow that!
So I will blog again today.Whoever wants to learn more about me, my blog and my giveaway, should look into the previous blogpost here. Anyway thank you everyone who have visited my blog through GYB and for becoming a follower too.
As many of you might guess from the title of this blogpost this week was a very difficult week for our family and for our country.
It was a week of CHANGE!
On Tuesday my sister's-in-law father died. So on Wednesday we had a funeral. No matter how old a person is when your own father dies it is a shock. That's a big CHANGE!
Bytheway my father died in 1998 and I still remember him like he was here yesterday! I still miss him so much!
Another big change this week was the elections yesterday. It was a historical election. After so many years in Greece there is a Leftist Government. That's a big CHANGE! Having been for so many years into a financial and political crisis we are hoping for the best.

 On Monday afternoon I attended a seminar on Teaching foreign languages using new technology. It was quite interesting and since my school is one of the very few in Greece that has tablets and an interactive board in one classroom and computers and projectors in three others we are considered lucky and we have to learn how to use them to teach!That's a big CHANGE!
And as technology takes over everywhere hubby thought that I needed a new mobile so he bought me a Samsung A3 for my birthday which is on the 28th. It is quite easy to use it and I can add so many new apps. I am excited! I was never excited with mobile phones! That's a big CHANGE!
This week hubby and I also had a cardiologist's check up. We are doing well, but he has to stop eating salt because of his high blood pressure and I have to walk at a fast pace for 45 minutes a day. For a person like me that never liked walking fast that's a big CHANGE! We already started walking since Monday and it feels good!But I miss my "spotting beauty around me" moments while walking at the sea front!
Today Demis Roussos died. He was a singer I really loved and had always listened to and sang his songs. When artists you remember seeing in movies or listening to their songs all your life die then you start feeling that you are getting older, right? Or do I feel like this because my birthday is this week?
That's another CHANGE!
Do you feel good with CHANGE?

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Grow Your Blog

I am taking part in the Grow Your Blog event organized by Vicki of 2BagsFull this weekend.
It is an event where people present their blogs and get to know each other better and visit other blogs to get to know people.Sounds very interesting. I have to do this blogpost today so here it is.
According to the instructions I have to present myself first.
So I am Ariadne, in my late forties, a teacher of English in a Primary State School.
I live with my boyfriend (called hubby in most blogposts), my dear son Miltos (a University student) and our dear sweet Barca (female dog).(All seen in the above picture!)
In my free time I take part in the Teachers' Association Drama Club presenting plays for children and adults, help hubby with his hobby which is shadow puppetry and do lots of other things too.
(photo from rehearsals and trips with the Drama Club)
 I love travelling so in my blog you will find lots of blog posts regarding my trips in Greece and abroad.(My friend Marabeth,me and hubby in Newport, RI,U.S.A. last summer)
(Nafplion, the Peloponnese,Greece, last January)
I love handicrafts and I mainly do cross stitch, (pieces I stitched for friends)
and felted stones.(I made this one for a life long friend)

I love attending workshops doing handicrafts, learning new techniques and ...
(photo from Etsy Greek Street meeting)
helping charities with my crafts.
(photo of the felt ornaments I made last Christmas for a bazaar at my school)
I love collecting sea glass and add it on my felted stones as well as make jewelry with it.
I love watching movies and reading books.
I love taking lots and lots of photos.(Elizabeth Park, Hartford, CT,U.S.A.)
I love going out for walks and especially at the sea front of my city Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece!
(photo taken after a storm at our sea front in 2012 and was published in a book)
(The White Tower, the landmark of my city)
I don't love cooking very much but I love making muffins.And from time to time I present a recipe.
I'd love to giveaway one of my felted stones or jewelry made of sea glass.
So if you would like to win it add a comment to this blog post only and tell me your favourite colour as well as your country and be sure to leave me a way to communicate with you if you win.
I will choose a winner randomly on February 15th.
If you want to follow me there are two ways a bloglovin button and a google friends connect button on my side bar.
It has been great talking to you!
Now, after leaving a comment, go visit lots more blogs!It's fun!

Friday, 23 January 2015

Spotting beauty everywhere.

This is a difficult week.We had a death in the family.Therefore a funeral.
I had to do a doctor's check up too and there is not much time to deal with my blog. But this is going to be a long weekend because of the elections on Sunday so I will just show you some photos today which didn't make it to the blog till now and write a couple of blogposts on the weekend.
So as always I try to spot beauty everywhere.
Detail from a mosaic outside the International Trade Fair.

A plant left alone in the street!
Muffins of course!
When I was making gifts for friends before Christmas.
 And writing Christmas cards.(I know,what a mess!)
Spotting details in the street.
Making things at workshops for charity just before Christmas.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Wordless Wednesday-RIP

A very early in the morning dog walk at the foggy sea front before attending the funeral of a family member. RIP dear father of my sister.