Friday, 24 October 2014

Our trip to the U.S.A (7)- Newport Mansions

After lunch with Marabeth, Andria and Marcia we moved on to visit a couple of the fantastic Newport Mansions.
It wasn't possible to visit all of them as there was no time and it would also cost us too much. So we simply made a choice after reading all the info here.
First we visited the Elms.

 Of course photography inside was not allowed. But it was lovely in there.
This we met when we came out of the house.

 And the walk in the gardens was as lovely too.

 And then we visited the Breakers, the Vanderbilt Mansion.

 We did the guided tour with the headphones too. It was very impressive.
As was the view.

 This fellow bid us good bye when we were leaving with a funny technique.  You can watch the video.

And these are the little souvenirs I bought at the lovely but expensive souvenir shop. A key ring with all the Mansions. Who knows maybe one day I will visit one of them again. A little box filled with quartz.
 And the book about the Mansions.
On the way back home we stopped at the town of Newport for a little while.....
(to be continued)

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Our trip to the U.S.A. (6)- Meeting Andria

July 2nd (still)
We had to rush our Cliff Walk in Newport to meet one of my best and first sea glass friends Andria and her sister Marcia.We got mixed up a bit on Ocean Drive till we found the right place!

 It was the Castle Hill Inn.

Such a beautiful place!
I must say that I was eager to meet Andria! Andria and I have got a lot in common and through the years we felt a lot of respect for each other and appreciation of each other's character and work. So you can understand how much I really wanted to meet her!
We went to the lawn and met Andria and her sister Marcia there!
We started chatting like old friends, sipping margaritas at the adirondack chairs and looking at the lovely view.

We also exchanged gifts. Andria gave us lots of gifts among them two pieces of her amazing art! Andria has got a lovely shop on etsy called andriasserendipity and her work is so much different from other sea glass artists. I love her sea glass and vintage finds combination.

After a while and having enjoyed the sea and the sun and the breeze...

... we moved on the balcony to enjoy a lovely meal. 
 Of course I had to have chowder again!
This poem was inside the Inn.
 But we had to leave after lunch to manage and visit the Newport Mansions. So we said our goodbyes with these two charming ladies!
 We had so much fun! I really didn't want to leave!

And here is Andria's gift on my wall with other sea glass gifts,Julianna's seaglass turtle and Lynne's sea glass star.
Thank you ladies for a great time together!
Next a visit to Newport Mansions. To be continued!