Wednesday 16 February 2011

Something framed,something painted,someone chosen.

Isn't there a time when you don't really know what to choose to say in a blog?
I have blog friends who write about their painting,others who write about their cross stitch,others who write about their sea glass,others who write about their sewing,others who write about their letter writing,others who write about books they have read or films they have watched,others who recount their meetings with nature.
Well I write about everything!How can that be?What type of blogger am I? Well that's just me. I get bored to do the same thing all the time. Therefore I have lots of interests and hobbies. I do a little of this and a little of that.So you will bear with me I guess,if you are still reading me.
So today you will see two framed cross stitch pieces. One is a very old stamped piece of a black and white DMC design of a swan in a pond with grass. I had stitched this when I was in primary school. I never liked it.Because it had no colours. And it was only half cross stitch. Well after 35 years I decided I want it framed and on my wall!What kind of a decision is that?When I saw it framed I loved it!Unbelievable!
 The other piece was a SAL (=Stitch Along) named My little Heart which was designed by Sylvia in Germany whose blog I follow.I liked her beautiful colours. Lots of followers stitched together the same design.Each added their own little thing or simply made exactly what Sylvia showed. I added the beads.I can't say that 2010 was a remarkable year to remember as lots of bad things happened but still I liked the design and chose a simple offwhite wide frame to frame it in.You can see some close ups of the design also.
 This is January,I made the snowflakes with beads.
 This is February,the beads were little flowers.
 I will show you the rest of the months each in every month.This was supposed to finish by the end of 2010 but it took me a while longer and delayed at the framer's.
This week I am doing my second lesson with Alisa Burke. I am trying to follow a little part of the lesson every day so today I painted in water colour a simple picture of shapes. I chose a handful of the beautiful multis my dear sea glass friend Joanne  had sent me. I really enjoyed painting them!
 Now the giveaway.No I didn't forget about it.
I had only 5 comments(bhermitte,Francoise ,Devonseaglass, Dream on the wave and one comment on facebook from Lisa Williams).Marabeth of course was kind to offer these and she didn't take part in the drawing.
 I asked my son to choose the three pieces and so here are the three names chosen.
 First Ian from Devon,I am sure your wife will appreciate this more than you!
 Then another fellow stitcher Francoise from France who also has a lovely blog and we met through a pin pillow exchange.
 And finally Brigitte from France,my long time pen friend.
 This is what each of you will receive. Please confirm your address on my private e-mail,thank you.
I am sorry the other two readers weren't lucky.Maybe next time.Thank you all for taking part.


Anonymous said...

a little bit of everything sounds totally perfect to me !
that's the remedy against boredom !!
I'm sorry I missed your giveaway, this month is so busy, I don't have enough hours everyday. Congrats to the lucky winners !!

Marabeth said...

Congratulations to the winners.....a welcome from the U.S. by way of Greece.
I think I recognize that milkglass dish, too! :)

Ariadne, I enjoy the diversity of your blogs........keep up the good work and excellent photograpy!

Marabeth said..., mispelled!

Also, terrific watercolors!

Lisa said...

Your cross stitch is beautiful. I also love to do this.

Unknown said...

Thank you very much for the giveaway!
Your drawing is coming on great,keep it up!
And I love your blogging, even if it talks of everything, that way we won't get bored....As for me, I must be the worst blogger ever...:)

Ariadne said...

I am glad you all enjoy the diversity in my blogs!That gives me courage to continue!

Sylvia K. said...

Hallo Ariadne, endlich schaffe ich es einmal , dir zu schreiben...Habe deine Mail erhalten. Vielen vielen Dank für das tolle Foto....
Ich werde es auf jeden Fall noch auf meinem Blog zeigen.
Ganz liebe Grüße von Sylvia in Deutschland...