Friday 1 June 2012

Weekend to Volos-Pelion Part F (last)

Have a nice month friends!
I really can't believe we are already in June! This has been such a difficult and disappointing winter and spring and now we are in summer already?
Yesterday I started doing my tax papers and realised I have to pay so much on taxes that I really don't know where I will find the money to do so!
On the other hand I am so in love with my experiences in Volos and Pelion that I really don't want to write on anything else! Today is the last part though!
After that I will be silent for a couple of days as I will be at my summer house cleaning it and preparing it for summer and therefore I won't have Internet access and then I will come back to blog about lots and lots of things I haven't told you the last couple of months! That's a promise I hope I will keep.
There will be small blogposts daily all the first fortnight of June so that I manage to cover all the previous months and whatever has happened the last weeks and of course the rest of the Romania trip!
Now about Volos and Pelion.
After the train trip we arrived at Milies and started walking upwards towards the village square. It was so beautiful walking amidst a grren paradise where all houses were hidden in the shadows of the green bushes and trees.
 There were cherry trees too.
 And little streams everywhere.
 And beautiful houses.
When we arrived at the square we saw the church of Taxiarhes.

There was a christening there at the time and there was going to be a prty for the christened twins in the square.

 The decorations for the christening were really beautiful.
We had to wait till the christening was over to go inside the church. So we enjoyed some cold local fizzy drinks. Epsa lemonade is my favourite.

When the christening was over we were allowed to enter the church and we followed an old man who guided us to the secrets of this church which has excellent acoustics and an amazing gallery of fresco icon paintings on the walls. The roof from the outside looks flat but from the inside there are twelve semicircular vaults.

After the tour we had lunch at the square. One of the local dishes is spentzofai which is sausages with sweet peppers. Delicious!
Then we went to our bus to take us home.

On the way home we stopped at the seaside village of Agria for coffee.

 I am still not really sure if this was a real plant or not. I smellt it, I touched it, it looked so beautiful and I thought it was plastic, but the truth is that it was real,but I don't know what it was.

Unfortunately there was a promenade not a beach so I could not collect sea glass. That's the only thing missing from this lovely trip!
Thank you for travelling with me! I hope you enjoyed it!


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

so beautiful!
it looks so warm (it's freezing and raining here (Canada) today)
the food looks so delicious and the interior of the church, so Byzantine: reminds me of Venice.

thank you for dropping by my blog it was nice to see you (I usually see you at Geninne's)

have fun preparing your summer home for the season

Ariadne said...

It has been raining till the last day of May! We have had a terrible cold and rainy winter and spring!But hopefully things will get better from now on!
Thanks for visiting. I come from time to time to your blog too but have no time to read too many blogs. I will add yours to my bloglist to see the new blogposts as soon as they appear!AriadnefromGreece!