Friday 8 June 2012

Walks in the city.

We walk quite a lot in our city to exercise, enjoy the views and the weather and save money on bus tickets!
When I don't forget to take my camera with me I take lots of pictures.
A walk in the city centre in April.

And another walk in April at the seafront.

In May  a visit to the Yeni Cami, the new mosque museum in my neighbourhood to see the exhibition of A Balkan Tale where I found out that there live about a hundred tortoises!

In May again a theatrical performance of the Bald Theatre in Kalamaria. I used to be one of the founding members of this drama club in 1984 and in fact I was the only first year student in it then. That's how my experience in theatre started.  Anyway we watched Dickens' A tale of Two Cities. It was good.
Here is the cathedral of Kalamaria, which is a beautiful suburb of my city.
A walk in the city centre in the end of May at Aristotelous Square where an effort to break the world record of an origami picture was being made.

This city has beautiful spots. I just wish it was more walker and biker friendly and cleaner too.

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Ann at Beadlework. said...

Seeing tortoises wandering about made me smile. I enjoyed the tour of your city.