Tuesday 5 June 2012

Keeping busy with gifts.

Juliana and John, my sea glass friends from Scotland had sent me a lovely parcel back in February.
That generous gift included papers for card making, a cross stitch magazine, a beautiful watch,a cross stitch card kit, some threads, a seaglass turtle, a pair of beautiful frames, a Scottish recipe book, a handmade birthday card, a good luck charm and lots more.
Here I should show you some of the things I made with them.
I made Shepherd's pie and it was delicious!

I stitched the card kit into a coaster using an empty coaster I had from another project. I am going to send this away as a gift to someone special soon.

I also stitched a little Scottish thistle fridge magnet kit they had sent me in a previous parcel.

The coaster took some time to be made as there were lots of tiny stitches but the fridge magnet was very quick. I am keeping it as it reminds me of my great Scottish friends who once again preferred Greece for their holidays!
 I also stitched a pattern from the magazine using the threads in the parcel which I will show you later when it is framed. So my friends Juliana and John as you can see I have used  and liked your gifts very very much! Thank you once again!

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Lisa said...

Very nice gifts. You stitch so beautifully.