Sunday 17 June 2012

Romania Day 4- Palace of the Parliament

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So today it is elections day in Greece.
Probably the most important elections of all times. The only elections I remember that people have been terrorised so much that if they do not vote for the conservatives or the socialists that the whole country will go to hell. Well, I can only say that the European policy and the media terrorised the people but the people will answer them the way they know best!
Last night it was an exceptional night for Greece as our football team beat the big Russia in the Euro and now goes on to the next phase. Hubby and I watched the match in hope and saw a strong team fighting till the end with their soul. The Greek soul! In the end it wins. In the Greek Soul we trust! This victory reminded me of the summer of 2004. We had the Athens Olympics and we had the Euro in Portugal and we won! We were crazily happy that summer and so hopeful for the future, for a better future and see where we are now, in the verge of financial catastrophy and chaos. Believe me it is not the Greek people's fault;it is their politicians' and bankers' fault!
And since it is election day and elections mean democracy and parliament I am continuing with my trip to Romania Day 4 showing you our visit to the Romanian Parliament in Bucharest. It is the secong biggest building in the world!!!!! HUGE! We had a guided tour and photography was not allowed so we all chipped in and one of our group took photos to share with every one else.We were only shown 4% of the building so you can imagine how large it is!
The outside.

 Inside I loved the chandeliers.
 And the ceilings with all that gold.
 From the balcony...
 we could see the view.
 The halls are huge.

Although I disagree with the Romanian leader Nicolae Ceausescu who lived with the ambition of building the biggest  most expensive building in the world exploiting the poor people of his country now he is gone and this building is still there for every one to admire.It is a legacy loathed and admired at the same time.
Here I would like to welcome Ella,a follower from Romania!I wish I could read your blog too. I enjoyed my visit to your country so very much!
So I will just leave you here. Sorry this blogpost covered too many different aspects of my life and I have mixed you up!

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Margie Oomen said...

i haven't visited for a while but your blog looks so beautiful. I bet you are happy with the success of greece at the euro cup so far.