Monday 4 June 2012

First weekend of June.

Have a great month everyone!
I promised, didn't I ? There are going to be lots of blogposts till the end of June, till I go to the beach house for my summer holidays that is. I have to tell you everything that has been going on the last couple of months and I haven't yet.
Anyway thanks to all those who commented on my previous post! So I haven't changed much since my teenage years!Oh well! That's really sweet of you!
Also I would like to say that I had been thinking of all my British pals since they were celebrating the jubillee. I am sure you all had a great time up there in Britain.
Here's what I did this weekend.
We went to the beach house on Saturday. Our main aim was to clean and prepare it for summer. We achieved most of our goals, sweeping and washing the floors, taking the matresses out to the sun, doing the laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, the shutters, the patio and deck, doing some of the gardening. Of course there are still things to be done. I managed to go and swim once on Sunday at noon just a little while before my brother and his family came for a small barbeque lunch.
Boy the sea was....cold!!!!!!Brrrrrr!
And a little bit of sea glass was collected on Saturday evening!
That's all. Not much else was done. Of course we had our evening chatting with our friends Anna and Jim there, coffee and a beer. A long summer is awaiting ahead of us. I don't know if it will be a good one with all the political and financial things happening here. As this is our 8th summer there we plan to enjoy it as much as we can because we don't know for how long we will manage to keep this house! It's totally on a bank loan so ....
Anyway now a couple of pics for you!
My dear son's yellow rose bush bloomed again! It was a mother's day gift some years ago.

 And some of the chrysanthemums started blooming too.These were the first plants we plants.And they bloom every year.
 Queen Ann's lace looks so beautiful!
 And my flox is blooming too.This was last summer's addition to the garden and it is so nice and delicate.
 And the little pomegranate tree that got planted by itself  has lots of beautiful flowers on it.
 I hope we will get our own pomegranates this year.
 The dandellions were huge.

 Can you spot the four aeroplanes in the sky above the sunset?
 A little bit of sea glass.
 And the gifts my sis brought from her trip to Rome. T-shirts for the guys and the stuff I like, viewcards, the Colliseum, some farfalle in the colours of the Italian flag( I really don't know if I should cook them or keep them!), and my favourite Limoncello drink! Thanks sis!
Tomorrow we are going back to school! Two more weeks of lessons and an extra week for administartion work and off we go, I am looking forward to it!
By the way for those of you who love looking and reading at blogs, my bloglist has become bigger. I have added some more blogs I have been reading lately, so go ahead and visit them too.


Ann at Beadlework. said...

Beautiful flowers, such a lovely variety.

Anonymous said...

beautiful pics, as usual.. I can't wait to see your Cunt Your Blessings! traveling patterns are so much fun! :D