Sunday 23 January 2011

Walking in the sun.

Although it rained last night today it was sunny in the morning so what better to do than walk in the sun on our beautiful seafront. There were lots and lots of people walking or cycling.
 I loved spotting all the reflections in the water pools made from last night's rain.

 There were little sailing boats of children learning how to sail.
Street sellers were selling colourful umbrellas just in case you get caught in a sudden downpour.
 The skies were blue and birds were everywhere.
 I saw shadows in the park.
 The pond was beautiful although without flowers.The wall at the back is a waterfall.

 I spotted a black bottle swimming vertically in the sea!Future sea glass!
 And lots of people take their dogs at the park too. This one was one of the biggest dogs I have ever seen.
 I know you can't really see this little fellow well but that's why I also took a video. 


Unknown said...

Beautiful photos, I love the different colours and shadows!We see all this everyday, and we do not really pay attention to little details in life, like this little bird...What was he pickering at??Thanks for sharing these beautiful things!

Dream on the wave said...

I love your photos to. You have such an eye for detail. Very nice.

Ariadne said...

I learnt about paying attention to detail and minute things from Margie who has the ResurrectionFern blog. She always shows photos of details,what we should all look at when looking around. Because even in the ugliest of places there is beauty.
The bird was drinking from the water pump of the pool.

Marabeth said...
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Marabeth said...

What is the name of the little bird? It was so busy scurrying around on its feet and not flying.
Your "eye" as a photographer is developing as you capture reflections and shadows......lovely

Ariadne said...

I will look the bird up,I really don't know what it is.