Saturday 22 January 2011

More of what the mail had brought.

Last night we had fun cutting the New Year's Cake with my friends from my old school.Unfortunately the 7th Primary School does not exist any more as it closed after a major flooding.All the sudents and teachers were spread in various neighbouring schools but we manage to meet from time to time.
Today after spending a whole day looking after the plumbing and sewage problems that had affected our block of flats I felt totally exhausted to do anything but sleep.So there goes the whole day today.
I decided to show you now some more of the things I received lately.
Apart for the snowflakes I showed you yesterday Gara also sent me this lovely card which is made by
 Dottie Netherton with the Scherenschnitte technique (that's cutting paper designs with a pair of scissors). The glass dish behind the card is made by me using sea glass following an idea by Lynne, another sea glass friend.
Among other things Cathy sent me that arrived yesterday were these two vintage Acropolis and Delphi guide books Cathy had bought when she had visited Greece back in 1969 and 1971. Unbelievable that they are that old and in such good condition!
She also sent me these nail files.It took me some time to realise what they are and then I decided I am keeping them and not using them!I can't; they are so beautiful! I love poppies!
Of course she added some chocolate and they are shaped as shells!Delicious they....were!
Cathy pays so much attention to detail.Even the wrapping paper she used is fantastic!
And these are gingerbread cookies she made herself and she sent me some confectionary supplies for me to decorate them with. So here is what I did with them.I admit I wasn't very patient in sprinkling all those little stars on top!

There is a lot more I want to show,I hope tomorrow!


Unknown said...

Those gingerbread cookies look yummy!!

Ariadne said...

Yes they were! I tried hard not to eat them all with my coffee. I left some for my son.

Unknown said...

I think you had fun with those gingerbread cookies! The decoration was very subtle (not!)

Dream on the wave said...

Ha ha, it shows you were not very patient with the decorating...but it's the taste that matters. You are lucky to get so nice pakages in the mail!

Ariadne said...

I was in a hurry to eat them!LOL!