Friday 21 January 2011

Poppytalk Winter colours 2011 Friday silver and gold.

As this was my first time at Poppytalk's colour week I tried to post new photos taken that specific day or up to a month earlier.Otherwise I would end up with hundreds of photos and one has to monitor the time one spends in front of the computer! Not always possible. So today after school and just before going to visit my Godson in hospital again after his operation I took some close up photos for today's colours silver and gold.
 Spray painted golden shells. This was a first try I might make more of these next year.
Silver and white flower candle.
 A silver bow on a silver grey box that had a lovely sea glass bracelet inside.More photos on another post.
 Double riding knights on a small porcelain dish I bought at an antique bazaar,made in Gien France.
 Handmade silver snowflake felt pin with beads bought at another bazaar and pinned on my son's cap which I love wearing.
 Golden red and green Xmas crackers sent to me by my dear friend Cathy in England for next year's celebration.
Apart from Poppytalk now.
Today I received these beautiful crocheted snowflakes from dear Gara from the sea glass circle of friends.
 I tried to decide where I will have them decorated for the rest of the winter. I can't possibly keep them away till next Xmas.
 I think they look better in the second picture although the pic itself is not that good.
 The framed pictures behind the branches are flower fairies bought framed from England years ago.
 Dear Cathy's parcel also arrived today from England and it was huge. I felt like it was Xmas again and Santa had arrived. She had wrapped everything so nicely and I adored everything she sent.I will show bits and pieces in several posts.Thank you my dear dear friend and keep well!
 She even made this little patchwork pin for me!
Last but not least a handmade birthday card from Carolyn, also from England,a more recent pen friend.

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