Sunday, 16 January 2011

Some time with my son.

I rarely have the occasion to spend the weekend with my son as he spends most of them with his dad's family(the disadvantage of a divorce). They have a great relationship and it does my son good to be with his little brother and his dad and the extended family! But this weekend he had to stay with me for a reason and we took the chance to spend Saturday morning together. The weather did us a favour so we walked at the sea front, passed in front of the new statue of Constantine Karamanlis (that has caused so much controversy as to
whether we needed one more statue) and the White Tower,enjoyed the view of the sea,the parks and sat to get some rest with coffee and dessert. I had capuccino and my son Frappe (ice coffee,a Greek invention)!I also had a caramel cheese cake and my son hot brownies with vanilla ice cream!Well,luxury!

I tried to take advantage of the sunshine and photographed some of my brother's sea glass.
I also have to show you my favourite craft magazine. It is Marie Claire Idees from France. Although I don't speak French I totally love this magazine,filled with all kinds of ideas for crafts, crossstitch, needlework,
 sewing,felting,papercrafts,interior decoration,even cooking and travelling.It has a little bit for everything. What I adore about it is the smell of the freshly printed pages,the wonderful photos and the very reasonable price. I have been buying craft magazines for years. Most of them now cost  more than 10 euros here because they are imported but this one is only 5.10 euros and the funny thing is that I have been buying it for years with almost this price. It started at 4.60 years ago. It is bimonthly.I took some pics to show you  the inside of the magazine.Can you tell which cyclamen is the real one?Well,I know you can but aren't the photos as beautiful as the real one?


bhermitte said...

When I was in Athens, I loved a Frappe every now and then... and that cheese cake looks "yummy", but my New Year's resolution is to lose some weight!!!Not a diet, but to be more careful as to what I eat, I have a weakness!! Chocolate!!
Marie-Claire magazine has lots of great ideas, I sometimes buy them for my Mum who loves doing sewing, and cross-stitch like you. Another good magazine wth good ideas is Marianne!

ariadne said...

I love chocolate but my favourite is caramel,toffee whatever of this kind!
I don't know Marianne! I will look it up!

cathy.stitchin9 said...

I used to have a subscription to Marie Claire Idees! I have kept all the magazines, as the photos and production are sooooooooooo superb.
Great to read your Blog, Ariadne, and I'm glad you liked the parcel. x x x

ariadne said...

Although I don't have too much time to do all the things it has in it,I love seeing all the photos and crafts and realise how talented people are.