Sunday 9 January 2011

We can move mountains!

I love going out on Sundays but when it is the last Sunday before schools start one should stay in and get prepared physically and mentally for another difficult school term.
It is difficult to think of going back to work and not think of the increase in the ticket prices. I used to pay 24 euros a month to commute to work and now I will have to pay 36 euros!That's quite a lot. And if we add to that that we are getting a smaller salary than we got on February 2010 by 20 euros a month and everything goes up I think things are getting really too bad!
Taking the time in (which keeps us also away from spending money!)I just put some stitches on my crossstitch(I will just show a bit today and more when it is framed),finished a little something for a friend( I won't give this out till I send it and it is received) and had the chance to chat on skype. Skype is such an amazing innovation. And it is free!Unfortunately no matter how hard and how much me and hubbie have tried I cannot see during a video call. At least I can be seen!But it is frustrating because Skype was working absolutely beautifully up till a couple of weeks ago and now it doesn't. So today I chatted with my friend Brigitte who lives in France. Brigitte and I have such a long story together. She is from the Seychelles and we were pen friends for ages. We in fact met once while she was studying in Greece. Then the usual thing that happens between people;we stopped writing (I think it was my fault, I had become so lazy at letter writing at some point) and we lost contact.But I always remembered her and it was one of the first names I looked up in facebook and yes, I found her again. We don't write but we skype from time to time and it is so great.
Also today a sea glass friend Frieda appeared in our sea glass site again after a long time and it was so great to hear from her again. I don't know of many people collecting sea glass in Greece and it was great to meet Frieda who is a Dutch  living on the beautiful Skiathos island. Isn't there a time when you have met someone for a short while but feel nice about him/her and miss him/her if he/she is not around? Well that's how I felt about Frieda and there she is with us in the sea glass world again.And what a coincidence that we found out her student son lives in the same neighbourhood as I do!Isn't this such a small world?That might give us the chance to meet again.
Today we watched a lovely film on TV. "The Englishman who went up a hill but came down a mountain" is the story of two chartographers who arrive in a small Welsh village to count the height of the hill in the area which the villagers consider a mountain. It is a funny real story of the 1917s and I love the way a small community can "move mountains"!Also it was great listening to the Welsh language.
"Are you sure there is no English blood in you?" was a frequent question asked in the film and it is something I have asked myself many a time!


Anonymous said...

We are being hit by higher prices and taxes too. VAT increased to 20% last week, a 14% rise, inflation is at 4%, salaries are frozen for most people and pensions have not risen for two years. Train fares increased by an average of 6% and fuel oil is 50% more expensive than 6 months ago. And we just had the coldest December since 1659.

Unknown said...

Thank You for the link to my site!Touched!

Ariadne said...

DSG I know things aren't good there either,everywhere things are getting worse every day!I wonder what we are going to do or what the solution is!
Brigitte it was the least I could do for your beautiful country!