Monday 24 January 2011

Remembering friends.

It isn't always possible to think of friends all the time. But we should take some time off of what we hastily do every day and think of friends,old friends who are not any more in our path of lives for some reason,or even friends we often talk to or write to or hear from.I decided I will try to do that every day.
Today I wrote a letter to my old friend Ruth in Israel.We have been writing to each other for years.She has a literature blog. She reads and translates and writes books. She is so clever. I enjoy reading her book reviews and learn about books I might want to read in future.
I also took some time to photograph the marbles that Angie in Canada,a member in the sea glass sites had sent me a long time ago. She was the first to share her finds with me and send me what I didn't have at that time,marbles and red pieces and lots more.I wish she is well although we don't communicate any more.
 I know the rest of the photos might seem just the same to all of you but I find interest in my school yard every morning. I haven't yet overcome the fact that I am working on the suburbs after many years in the city and nature is beautiful and abundant everywhere around me there.
 The morning moon among the olive tree tops.
 Birds on bushes.


Margie Oomen said...

sea glass marbles are so beautiful as are the birdies

Ariadne said...

Thank you,yes I love them too.