Saturday 8 January 2011

Thank you!

Those of you who know me better know that I at times talk..... a lot and sometimes I am silent! It depends on my mood! " Quality is not in the quantiy" said the ancient Greeks. Sometimes one does not really know what to say.
With blogging I have to think and rethink what to say,how much to say,how much to let out and how much to keep. Is it safe out there in the blogland? Should I post this photo or that? Should I give my opinion publicly on certain topics or just avoid them? Stay on the surface or go deep? Well, just questions for my own mind to answer but I would love to know what you think.
Anyway I am writing this post to say thank you to so many friends who follow my blog already. I am so happy that in just one week I have got so many followers. Mind you it is not the number that counts. I am not trying to break a record or something. I am happy that so many of my friends (pen pals,sea glass friends, crossstitch friends, blog friends) joined my blog to see what it is up to. Hello everyone and I hope I will keep you interested in this.
It is strange that I am still trying to figure out how things work here. It is different when you are on the side of the reader and different when you are on the side of the blogger!I realised I cannot answer to comments unless I make a mention on the following post,or I comment underneath the comment I want to answer to,or I can also answer privately if I have your e-mail. Complicated!I would prefer it if I could just go to the follower's profile and send a message. Why Blogger doesn't think of that?Or is there something I don't know?If anyone can explain what's the best way to answer a comment please do so.
Anyway...I didn't do much today. I had some coffee out with the mother of my son's best friend. We hadn't met before but had been talking on the phone about our sons and how they do at school etc so we decided to meet. It was fun!We sat outside since it was sunny when we met and managed to chat till late and froze when the sun set!LOL!Silly me!If I catch a cold I will know who to blame,just me!
I loved this lantern at the cafe.It was fuchsia in colour.

I started reading a book that you have probably heard of. It is hubbie's other Xmas gift. It is The island by Victoria Hislop. It takes place in Greece. I am reading it in English as the author wrote it. I don't know if I will like the book, I will let you know when I finish it but I certainly like the adaptation for television that is being broadcasted  on Greek TV since October. It is amazing,captivating with excellent actors and actresses.
If it does a world tour and is shown on the television in your countries do watch it.It has to do with the outcasts, the leper colony on Spinalonga island near Crete.
The glass thing is hubbie's other gift which I chose and love and it is huge and heavy but very cheap.
 It might come in handy if we want to break each other's head in future!


Unknown said...

I am sure of 1 thing, you sure like to write....I find your blog very interesting, but I can understand that you have to keep a secret garden, and not divulge everything!!

Ariadne said...

I love writing English only,can you believe that?