Monday 3 January 2011

The first incoming mail of 2011.

I have been writing letters since I was 12 years old. I have pen friends  we have been writing to each other for decades! Some of them I have met like my friend Johanna in Finland, my friend Sigrid in Austria and others.
Writing letters helped me so much to practise English and learn the world. Today I received a beautiful letter from my old friend Maria Jose from the Acores in Portugal. She lives on a tiny island and loves crafts and protecting the cultural heritage of her land and people.She wrote her letter on paper she made decoupage on and she also made a flower fairy card for me!She included a lovely handmade fridge magnet that says : "A kind word is God's love in the voice of a friend." Beautiful!

But apart from old pen friends I have new friends I met through the sea glass sites or the blogs I am following like Tua in Finland who is an artist and a grandmother and she made a lovely card for Christmas for me and posted it in a Greek embroidery painted envelope. Those two were the first incoming mail of 2011. I got inspired to show my in coming and out going mail by Bianca's blog.


Unknown said...

Good luck with your blog, Ariadne and I will follow it with interest. I´m glad you liked my card, which is a Christmas tree. I should have put a star on the top then it would have been easier to see. I didn´t know about the envelope but I took a new look and it,s really nice.

Ariadne said...

A tree then, thank you Tua, anyway it is lovely!