Thursday 6 January 2011

Sad news

I was going to start this post by telling you how we watched last night Pink Panther 2 and did not really like it and then I was going to explain our lunch today but then I had a look at some blogs I follow and read this with the title Prayers Needed and was shocked. It is such an unfortunate event for Becky's family. Becky is a crossstitcher who loves to share her creations and gives so many of them away. Hers was the first blog I read about cross stitch and then from her I found Edgar's blog. As I love to crossstitch but have not enough time to do as much as I would love I so much enjoy seeing the results of their work. It is so sad that Becky again has such sad news in her family.My thoughts are with her.
This event makes me once more think of how life is short and we should take advantage of it and have fun all the time and share loving, happy moments with the people we love because what can happen in a minute cannot be imagined in a lifetime.
My mother always told me "Never postpone for tomorrow what you can do today!" and she is so right. So just this moment you are reading this stand up and give a kiss to your loved ones,your children,your husband or boyfriend,your mum or dad,hug your pet,or just give a phone call to a friend or relative who is far away,or even send an e-mail to tell someone how much you love them!Come on don't keep reading,get up!
To assist you in that I will just finish this here and come to it later with a better mood!


thea said...

Oh no!! That's terrible! Such horrible things happen to the nicest people. She is in our thoughts.



Marabeth said...

:( So sorry you have received bad news of someone special to you.

Seamaiden said...

Well said and shared, Ari. So sorry to hear about your friend's sad news.

Ariadne said...

Thank you ladies!