Sunday 8 February 2015

The first week of February.

While watching the new policy statements by the new Greek government on television (all channels are showing this) I am trying to remember what we did this week to show you.
It's good that I have my photos to help me.
So starting from last Saturday night...

  •  we met with some shadow puppeteers and one of them invited us to his performance the next day.

  •  So last Sunday morning we attended Konstandinos Koutsouplis and his team Skies kai gelia (=Shadows and laughter) at a great shadow puppet performance with dinosaurs.

 We really loved their puppets and bought some and they were very kind to give us some as gifts too. Don't you love that little mouse?

  • Then we spent an evening rallying peacefully for the Greek government and its fight against the great pressure against Greece and its debt towards Europe and the International Monetary Fund.

And as always I loved looking around me!At the gorgeous landscape of Thessaloniki.

  • We went to the cutting of the New Year's pie with the Teachers' Association Drama Club. We had fun, ate and danced and met some old friends.
  •  We kept doing our power walk for long distances every day as the cardiologist suggested to both me and hubby.

 While doing power walk you can't possibly take pictures but from time to time I stop to take some pictures. And as hubby's old camera didn't prove very good I decided to take photos with my new mobile from now on until I buy a new camera. Just tell me if you like my photos better.
 Especially when the weather is so good like yesterday morning the Greek light helps taking good photos I think!

 And sometimes I am in such a hurry to catch a moment that my finger tip comes in front of the camera ...just like a big sun, right?
Barca loves those walks at the seafront as well because she meets friends.

 And I love collecting some sea glass at the tiniest beach at the sea front!

  • Last but not least today we had coffee with the family enjoying the sun just before a huge snowstorm weather forecast.

This week I also finished a book, made a sea glass felted stone, I listened to some good music, but all that to another blogpost!
What did you do this week?


kathyinozarks said...

sounds like a really awesome week. That is so fun about the puppets-and to bring some home too.
Your photos are beautiful-and what a lovely place to power walk-I so must get back to walking again-my goal this spring. enjoy your new week

kathyinozarks said...

oh and I forgot to mention-I just love all your found sea glass-those are so beautiful

Poppy said...

Gorgeous photos, Ariadne of your beautiful Thessaloniki! Oh, the architecture of that distinguished building - how it must have looked in its prime, and the sea, always intriguing,never the same.


Linda said...

Your newer pictures look much better. But, I did love all the pictures and sounds like you had a busy week. I stayed hope and didn't do much of anything like I do every week.


Frances said...

What beautiful, beautiful photos! The water is gorgeous!
I love the sea glass, too!

Anastasia said...

great photos - i love that old home! gorgeous!
I want to see what the new Govt of Greece has to say... I wonder if I can hear or read it in English anywhere?

butterfly said...

Lovely photos again , hugs.

Christine said...

Lovely photos and great beach finds

Drastiria said...

Τι όμορφες φωτογραφίες!!! Ευχαριστούμε πολύ!!! Αν θέλεις, πέρνα μια βόλτα κι από δω:

zina said...

μας ταξιδεψες παλι!!!! και τα γυαλακια σου υπεροχα!

Marie-Anne said...

You have been very active Ariadne! Well done! I also gathered seaglass was a gorgeous day and the beach was full of people enjoying the good weather.
Have a nice week!!!

Mii Stitch said...

That building is so beautiful!! What a shame, it needs so much TLC. I see you found more little gems during your latest walks :)

Decor Asylum said...

Οι μέρες σου είναι πραγματικά γεμάτες! ΟΙ φωτογραφίες με την κάμερα του κινητού είναι νομίζω πολύ καλύτερες και το ατύχημα με το δάχτυλο, άκρως ευτυχές!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

You took beautiful pictures!