Tuesday 17 February 2015

A week full of activities...

...was the second week of February.
It started with snow on Monday (last Monday 9th) and ended in sunshine!
It included...

  • ...following passionately all the news about the Greek government fighting in Europe for the right of the Greek people to live happily!
  • ...taking part in two peaceful rallies for the government in front of the White Tower.

  • ...doing things with the family three times in this week.
  • ...doing power walk almost every day in the week, one of which included a little bit of sea glassing at the tiniest beach of the sea front.

  • ...cleaning the block of flats entrance.
  • ...a birthday party-surprise to a dear friend, our play director.
  • ...two doctor's appointments for me and my son!All is well thank God!
  • ...a carnival party at school for the children.

     I put my lobster hat on, the one that I brought from Annapolis, Maryland!
  • ...a carnival outing for me and my hubby! I am wearing dear Juliana's scarf here.

  • ...phone calls with friends.I still get phone calls for my birthday!Isn't that great?
  • ...a shadow puppetry performance with a difference. I blogged about it here.
  • ...a New Year's pie Cutting with hubby with his former pupils. That was on Valentine's Day which we never celebrate with hubby! So his "gift" to me was to spend a delightful evening with his former pupils, most of which are ladies younger than me, very beautiful, who love him very very much! What more can one expect?

  • ...a wonderful day trip at a suburb of the city.I will blog about it later this week!Just catch a glimpse what it is about! Can you guess?
    Due to all these activities I didn't find time to do much else, reading or crafting!But we can't have it all, can we? 


poppysstuff said...

You are super busy!!!!!!!!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You've had such a busy week. Mine has been quiet in comparison! Happy Birthday to you!!! Love the sea glass you found! Hugs, Diane

butterfly said...

Wow busy week , love your photos and looks fun.

Unknown said...

Lovely photo of you, the one where you show the scarf, you look very happy !

Mii Stitch said...

Wow! I wish my weeks were that packed out :D
Looks like you had a great time

kathyinozarks said...

Good morning, sounds like a very fun filled week-and more beautiful sea glass found too-I have been playing with more wool and spinning since it is very cold here this week

Decor Asylum said...

Τι δεν είχες χρόνο για άλλα;; Πόσα παραπάνω δηλ.;; Όσο για το "δώρο", η φωτογραφία μιλά από μόνη της ;)
Αλήθεια, εκείνη η στρογγυλή μπλε πέτρα είναι βότσαλο ή γυαλάκι;

Sunday at Home | Κυριακή στο σπίτι said...

Αχχ ξεκίνησες περπάτημα τι καλά! Βέβαι αν βρίσκεις τέτοια όμορφα γυαλάκια σαν τα μπλε της φώτο σε καταλαβαίνω! Να περνάς υπέροχα!