Thursday 30 June 2011

Poppytalk Summer Colour Week 2011 rainbow

There is so much taking place here and so much I want to share with you that I decided to make several blogposts and arrange for them to be posted while I am away,one every day.
I will be away for the rest of the summer. At the summer house we don't have Internet access and hubbie will arrange for something cheap and flexible like a card but that means it will be only for short time on the Net and just to see e-mails. Of course we will come and go in the city for certain chores,bill paying and of course my project which is due on July 31st and I have to be on time.
Today's colour for Poppytalk is rainbow!One would say this is difficult to figure out. Unbelievably so I took a couple of  "rainbow" photos in June!
Also two of my "blue photos" were featured in Poppytalk page.
Look here:

And this one too.

Here are the rainbow photos!
 A beach volley ball I found at the beach after a storm.
 A little neighbour boy who came out after the rain holding this umbrella.


Edgar said...

Have a great time - we'll miss you!!!

Marabeth said...

I hope you have a carefree, restful summer, my friend. You deserve it!! :)

Ariadne said...

Thank you both!

Seamaiden said...

I hope you enjoy a delightful, relaxing, adventurous and blessed time away at your beach house, Ari! We will miss your presence online and look forward to greeting you when you pop in now and then. Love ya!