Sunday 19 June 2011

Long weekend of June.

 Last weekend we were at our summer house. Unfortunately the weather was not always very good.
 So I went around taking photos of fruit,flowers and plants.
 Of snails and insects.
 I looked around in my house and took some pics.
 I framed the lovely cross stitch Karen D sent me from the States. I couldn't decide where to put it.

 I put some more frames on the walls.
 I spotted this red bellied spider that....jumped!!!!!!
 Grapes are not ready yet.

 I found a beach volley ball at the beach.

 Some rubbish can be very beautiful!

 I found some sea glass.

 It rained quite a lot.
 Spiders made webs.

 Roses were beautiful!
 Even with the rain drops on their petals!
 I found pieces of sea weed brought out by the waves.
 I saw a strange creature!
 The rain kept on!

 A little boy covered under an umbrella!

I planted some plants. Salvia.

 Spot my prince frog down there!

 I planted yellow daisies in my blue pot.
 And a bougainvillea vera.

 I finished reading these two books.
The tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte and Komik Seyler Yazmak (Everyday Stories of Istanbul) by Deniz Kavukcuoglou whom I met at the International Book Fair of Thessaloniki in April and he signed his book for me.
Tomorrow I will show you this weekend at the summer house!


Marabeth said...

The strange "creature" you saw is a praying mantis. I have a picture of one I saw last year in my photos. I don't see them very often but when I do it reminds me of my childhood when they were more plentiful. I enjoyed seeing all the photos you took on your rainy weekend.....especially the dew covered flowers. By the way, the snails in Greece have lovely homes!!!

Unknown said...

The "praying mantis" is a strange creature, she eats up the male after reproduction,if I remember correctly...
And more lovely photos!

Seamaiden said...

Breathtaking photos and post, Ariadne!!! Your beach house and gardens are lovely, peaceful and you. :)

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

we share so many things by living around the Mediterranean Sea ... such a similar vegetation actually ! I even took a photo two days ago of the last spider you showed ! (at the bottom of your post)