Tuesday 28 June 2011

Enjoying while learning.

Poppytalk picked my photo as one of their favourite,how great is that!
And amazingly so this photo is from a yellow rose from the rose bush my son gave me as a Mother's Day gift years ago and it is still thriving!
Here's the photo!

On another theme now.
All over Greece at the time the Ministry of Education is doing seminars for teachers of all faculties.
I applied to attend one of them. It will be three three-day seminars(June,September and December), certain studying of books (the theory on the New School, new systems of teaching etc).
The first three-day seminar that took place on 22nd-24th June was a disappointment.I did not learn anything new. Hopefully there will be more info in the books I have to read till the end of July.One good thing that comes out of this though is that the group I was with were all nice ladies who are doing their best at their schools and we all came close together and hopefully some friendships or collaborations will emerge.
The school where the seminar was taking place is far away from home at the suburb of Polihni on the West but by the Ring Road it was only ten minutes by car. Hubbie took me twice there and I came back with two of the colleagues. I had to take a taxi once to go there and guess what I got in the first hybrid taxi in Greece!(Sorry no pic of the car,or the extremely kind and full of knowledge on his car driver!).
Anyway during the break I of course looked around and took some pics!(Another good thing about not smoking is that you have nothing else to do during the break but chat and see around!)
There was a narrow alleyway next to the school that led to another neighbourhood.It looks beautiful and it manages to hide an ugly empty building.

 Me of course.

 There was a blackberry bush.
 The empty half destroyed building that looked like an old factory.
 I can't see well from all the "learning",LOL!
 There was lavender in the alleyway.
 That attracted insects,butterflies, a feather!
 There was graffiti all over the walls.
 I saw that butterfly a second before it .....
 ...flew away!Can you see it here?(It is the moving figure on the top right corner!)
And that behind is the school we were at.


Unknown said...

Congratulations for your photo chosen by Poppytalk! It is beautiful!

Seamaiden said...

Congratulations on your Poppytalk photo!!! You're amazing, Ariadne. :)

Marabeth said...
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Marabeth said...

The photo of the yellow rose is a "show stopper" ! Gorgeous! I'm sorry you didn't find the 3 day of classes to be very rewarding in the acquisition of new knowledge. But to acquire new friends and colleagues is even more fruitful :)