Monday 20 June 2011

This weekend by the sea.

Some more photos of the same place this weekend.
Salvia close up.
 Yellow roses.
 The view of the field that has been harvested.
 Always my favourite.

 I put my sea glass painting and palmeras painting in the frames as well as Sara's and Dorothy's photos.
 The neighbour had brought his dog Sissy.
 My new patio wall decoration. I will add some shells and sea glass to it.
 The way to the sea.
 Flowers and insects.I love spotting insects and taking pics.
 The sea was calm but cold.
 An instant collection of nature, a butterfly, a beetle and a broken egg shell.
 Sissy again.
 I enjoyed a swallows' concert and flying lessons.
 That's the view my next door neighbour enjoys.
 I could have the same view but he insists on our common fence to be high.
 So that's my view!
I have to sit in the sun to enjoy a much bigger view of the sea!


Unknown said...

You have anice little place,shame your neighbour doesn't share his view!
Like your patio decoration!

Marabeth said...

It must be so peaceful sitting out on your patio with the sea so close!! Love the new patio decoration. How are those glass jars attached? Lovely display of your painting along with the photos.....IKEA frames?? I like their unique style.

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

I also love the patio wall decoration, so pretty ! And so is your place ! xoxo