Tuesday 21 June 2011

A selection of June photos.

 I bought Making a great but really expensive magazine only because Elsa Mora was featured in it.
 This issue was dedicated to paper art.

 Hubbie and I spent a whole of six hours in a studio along with the whole Drama Club friends to record the songs and music of the theatrical play we are going to mount in December. Sorry for the very bad photos but it was too dark in the studio.

 The three gifts I got this year from school. The lovely earrings from a 5th grade student who was leaving the school just like me.The heart keyring from my 6th Grade students who gave gifts to all teachers as a goodbye gift to Elementary School and the lovely mug in a beautiful tin box from the German Teacher with whom we exchanged gifts. I gave her a book.
 Charlie Chaplin a great graffiti on a wall in my neighbourhood.
 Hubbie really liked him!
 The Macedonian Tomb in a small park on my way to the bus stop. I took the photo just the last day I was going to my old school.
 The pomegranate tree behind the tomb.
 Flowers that my ex students of the 13th Primary State School  planted in the park.

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Marabeth said...

Ariadne........the recording star......love it! :)