Tuesday 14 June 2011

Making special children smile.

Today hubbie and I went to the children's cancer ward of a local hospital and offered a shadow puppet theatre performance to the little children. I am glad we made them smile for a while at least.

Karaghiozis the tailor.

Kopritis: I will catch you little chicken.
 Kopritis: I am hungry.Dad why don't you work?
Karaghiozis: There is no work!
 Sultan: I need new clothes!Find me a tailor!
Hatziavatis: Yes sir!
 Hatziavatis:I know a tailor!He is good!His name is Karaghiozis!
 (Actors waiting their turn!)
Karaghiozis: I will make good clothes for you!Come in my shop!
Morfonios:I want all the ladies to adore me!

 Karaghiozis:Here you are!You are so handsome!
Morfonios: Oh you ridiculed me!I look like Barbie!
 Barbagiorgos: I need new clothes too,I want to go to Europe to tell them about the financial crisis in Greece!
 Sultan: Great clothes!So light! I don't feel them!
Kopritis! Hey mister!You are in your underwear!


Unknown said...

Great idea!

Unknown said...

I also wish to add this, nothing to do with your blog!But with my friend!
Special thoughts, and my heart is with the Greek people today, heard on the news that you are all in the streets,thinking of you!

Margie Oomen said...

the children must have loved that