Monday 27 June 2011

Poppytalk Summer Colours 2011 Yellow

I love yellow.
We love it a lot in this family as it is the colour of the team of my son and hubbie,Aris Salonica.
Poppytalk Summer Colour Week is here again.
And here are my photos.
Some of them you have seen during June from my trips around.

Here I will add a photo of a recent gift my friend Johanna from Finland sent to my son for his birthday.Thanks my dear.This summer we were supposed to go to Finland to meet our friends there again but well the financial crisis forbids expensive trips!Maybe we will meet next year.


Jennifer said...

Your blog is so beautiful! This is the first time I visit. I found you through Edgar (Blacksheep Blog). Now I will add you to my list of favorite blogs.

Seamaiden said...

Ariadne, this is lovely!!! My two favorite colors are aqua and yellow - this blog is so filled with sunshiny happiness and beauty -thank you!

Marabeth said...

Yellow is such a happy color. May all your days be surround you with the color of yellow :)

Ariadne said...

Thank you all!
@Jennifer Nice to meet you!