Friday 1 July 2011

Poppytalk Summer Colour Week 2011 red

The last day of Poppytalk Summer Colour Week 2011 and the last colour red which in itself is lovely anyway!
Wearing a red T-shirt to eat red watermelon at school end-of-the-year games.

 Red and white flowers.
 Wearing red and climbing on a huge red climbing wall.
 A red "urchin".
 Red flowers on the way to the beach.
 Red rose.
 A red ribbon.


Marabeth said...

Lucky have watermelons with seeds!!! All our watermelons now are seedless. That's a bummer because I grew up having summertime watermelon seed spitting contests. In my early years of teaching, I would show the kids how to spit the seeds the furthest into a bucket. We did this at our end of the year parties. They loved it....then came the seedless watermelon. Those growers sure know how to ruin a good thing. Someday when I come to visit you, we will have a seed spitting contest!!

Seamaiden said...

I love watermelon!!! This is another great colorful post. :)