Wednesday 29 June 2011

Poppytalk Summer Colour Week 2011 blue

 Blue I LOVE!
Photo above from a coffee out at a cafe at the sea front!
Photo below a stairway to heaven!
 Flowers of course.
 A pool.
 The moon in the sky.

 The sky.
 Blue rubbish.

 At the beach.

Decoration at the final festivities at my old school.
 A dead blue butterfly in a shell of an egg.
 My salvia.
 "My" sea.
 Taking pics with my blue camera.
 Doves in the blue.
 Thessaloniki digitally.
 A blue vessel in the Byzantine Museum.
And two things that I have to add.
I love all your comments, thank you for telling me your opinion on my blog.
And secondly,the blogs I follow on the right column are so beautiful and I read them all but at some of them for some reason I cannot leave comments.It must be something with blogger. I hope you understand.


Kelly said...

What beautiful pictures. You make me want to go to the sea. BTW...I have been having problems posting lately as well.

Unknown said...

More beautiful photos! xxx

Elettra said...

Great color !!!!!!!!!

Marabeth said...

My favorite day....the color "blue" day :)

Seamaiden said...