Tuesday 26 April 2011

Easter weekend-2 I admired the sea.

During the Easter weekend I admired the sea.
I loved the peaceful sea views by day and by sunset,from home and at the beach.I did some cross stitch and watched the sea from my bedroom. I read my book and looked at the sea. I drank my coffee and looked at the sea. I had my breakfast and saw the sea.
A peaceful view through the grass and flowers.
 Drinking my coffee while sea glassing.The bag is a gift from my friend Cathy a long time ago.It is so suitable for my sea glassing adventures.
 Someone declared their love!Isn't it sweet?
 The sunset.

 Enjoying myself.
 Views of the sea from a boat waiting for her fisherman on the sand.
 Views of the sea from a log.
 Ooops,that pinecone fell there.
 Umbrellas for the tourists.

I of course collected lots of sea glass.And along came hubbie and my brother and his wife to collect with me.
 Some sea glass.

 I even found some blue pieces.
 Finders keepers! I couldn't believe my eyes!I was so fortunate!My eyes were blurred and unbelievably so the camera as well.

Here I would like to add that my entry of an Easter egg contest at Spoonful went very well.
Although I did not win my eggs were really liked.I had made these eggs years ago when my son was six years old and we still keep them and like them very much.You can see more of my collection of eggs here.
And here's a video of my sea this weekend. Enjoy the sound of the wave.


Petites xxx et Cie said...

Thank you Ariadne for sharing these lovely pictures! Love the sea too...

Dream on the wave said...

One never gets tired of watching the sea. I love it too. How lucky you are finding that money! And the lovemessage with pebbles is extremely interesting. I want to borrow the picture in a few days if it is ok with you.
Many greetings, Frieda

Ariadne said...

@Dream on the wave
Sure Frieda!What's on your mind?

Unknown said...

Lucky girl!
Sea,sun and...euros!
Buy yourself something nice!

Dream on the wave said...

Well, 30 April is our national holiday (in the Netherlands) we celebrate the Queen's birthday and it is a big day in the whole of Holland. Our crown prince's wife is a very pretty lady from Argentina and her name is Maxima.

Marabeth said...

Even though the cobalt seaglass is so rare, I love the aqua one even more...........so beautifully worn. You had a good day! $50 euros....what a find!! It looked like you had the beach all to yourselves. It sounded windy in the video but loved the soothing sounds of the water.......peaceful!

Seamaiden said...

Loving your blog & pics, Ariadne!! Thank you again for sharing your life and those joyous and poignant moments with us. :)