Saturday 9 April 2011

Frieda was here for a week.

Frieda left for Skiathos yesterday!Today is her birthday!Happy birthday friend!
We had such a great week together. So here are a couple of photos from the things we did together.
Last Friday we spent an evening at Vardia music club.Then Frieda went to her conference on Saturday.
On Sunday we went to The Glass World at the Archaeological Museum and for coffee opposite the White Tower and for lunch.You can read all about these here.
Then Sunday evening she came home and showed me how to crochet.
Here is a photo of what I managed to do.This was only a first attempt with a woolen thread I have to make a scarf with. I hope I will manage to give it a try again and by the help of some Internet tutorials.
Then on Monday we went to Ikea where Frieda bought some things for her son's flat here. I bought this lampshade for a lamp I had for ages!
On Tuesday evening hubbie and I went to two exhibitions for teachers.This will be on a future blogpost.
On Wednesday we went to the theatre with Frieda.You can read about this here.
And on Thursday Frieda and I went for coffee and a walk at the city centre shops.She loved Butlers.I really like that shop as well.
Here is what we ate at Applebees'.Brownies with vanilla ice cream.
And that's the view we had.
I really enjoyed spending time with Frieda and we did get along really well. I hope we will manage to meet soon again.
And here is a pic of something I stitched for Frieda.
It was a freebie from Crossstitcher magazine(if I remember well) and it made a lovely bookmark.I don't usually show the gifts I give unless they are handmade or cross stitched!


Unknown said...

Beautiful lampshade, love the colour! Good start on the crochet, I can only do simple patterns as I never really learnt,auto-didact....

Marabeth said...

Oh no ...more food.....I'm gaining weight just looking at all the delectable culinary presentations that you post LOL

I'm have a good start on your crocheted scarf. I expect to see you wearing it next winter. That should give you plenty of time to finish it.