Sunday 3 April 2011

A day with Frieda.

As yesterday Frieda was busy attending the TEDx conference we had arranged to meet today.So we met in the morning and since it was a glorious sunny day we walked at the sea front.Here we are in front of Alexander the Great statue.

We decided (well I decided and she was kind to follow) to go and visit the Glass World exhibition at the Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum which I had seen some months ago but loved seeing once again.Some of the old glass vessels found inside ancient Greek tombs in Macedonia and Thrace were amazingly well preserved and restored.(I will make another blog post with photos from the exhibition as there are many.)

 Andrei Filippov's huge "Saw".It is coming from the underworld.It is outside the museum opposite the Communication Tower(or O.T.E. Tower).

We then had some coffee opposite the White Tower and then lunch at Olga, the neighbourhood restaurant where we frequent as it has good homemade food.
 Two happy colourful girls outside the White Tower.
 Shall we buy some wire sculpture art?

Then in the afternoon Frieda came at my home and we enjoyed chatting,had some coffee and she showed me my first steps to crochet! I admit I found it difficult!Maybe I should stick to my cross stitch!
Of course Frieda was very kind to bring me some gifts.A pair of lovely tiny porcelain clogs(Dutch shoes).Frieda is Dutch and has been living in Greece for many years now.She was recently in her hometown in the Netherlands.The sea glass is from her beach on Skiathos island. She also made me a tote bag for my shopping!


Dream on the wave said...

I really had a great day and enjoyed your company very much. Thank you Ariadne and Themi!

Seamaiden said...

Looks like you two enjoyed a lovely visit! The glass vessels from the Thessaloniki museum are fantastic. Can't wait to see more pics!

Unknown said...

It's great to have friends visit. You surely had a wonderful day!

Marabeth said...

I had some little porcelain shoes like that at one time with the windmill on it. Did you buy any wire art?

Ariadne said...

These little porcelain shoes are typical of Holland art.
I didn't buy any wire art,no.Frieda did. I have bought many a time but this time I tried to save money!