Tuesday 5 April 2011

Poppytalk Spring Colour Week-Yellow.

Yesterday Frieda and I spent about 5 hours at IKEA. She had to buy some things for her son and I really wanted some frames to frame some prints.Unfortunately none of the sizes fitted my prints so again I will have to go to my framer.We really enjoyed the time together and doing shopping together and we also had some coffee and sweets!I forgot to take photos!
Here are my photos for the Poppytalk week.The colour is yellow.
The yellow lichen on the White Tower.
 Yellow flower and bee.
 Grass and yellow flowers.
 My friend Ian's flea market find,a precious yellow stopper.

 A yellow ladder to ...a sea find.
This afternoon I spent three great hours at an environmental exhibition and an insect exhibition!Photos and more about these at the next blog posts.


Anonymous said...

your yellows are very uplifting too ! so fun that we both shared a field full of dandelions :) 'tis the season eheh
ahah funny again, I'm going to Ikea tomorrow afternoon for ... buying new frames LOL (no kidding)
have a great middle of the week !

Ariadne said...

@Cozy Memories
I hope you find suitable frames. I wanted to frame Jill's four seasons I had bought from Arounna but none of the frames fitted.

Margie Oomen said...

gorgeous yellows

Marabeth said...

Beautiful field of yellow flowers :)